Since 2009, SS SHINY has been leading the world's beauty industry by developing customized products with innovative technology in the hair styling equipment industry and introducing wireless hair iron.
In addition, we are venturing into investing R & D, expanding our production actively, and continuously improving the quality of our products to produce the best products in the industry.

Leading global leaders with cutting-edge technology and endless efforts!
SS SHINY is leading the industry with cutting-edge technology and SS SHINY’s hair irons are being sold to the US market which is largest and European markets in the world beyond Asia. This is the dream of world-class that made by SS SHINY.

SS SHINY has been leading the market changes, and we have put our customer’s values first by realizing customer satisfaction through technological development and new product development.
Please keep an eye on SS SHINY that makes a new leap forward and support SS SHINY.

Thank you.

From SS SHINY Team

1. There is nothing new under the sun.

- Constant Change!
  It is SS SHINY that pursues constant change as a leader of the market trend to provide valuable products and differentiated services.

2. It is done as you think.

- Completion of imagination!
  SS SHINY is dedicated to providing women with great satisfaction through continuous research and development.
  We always try to challenge to a new era of Hair iron.

3. Devotion to the welfare of mankind.

- Perfect Hair styling!
  I promise to be a lifelong companion for all women in the world to make their hair styling easily, quickly and without difficulties.